Joey C. Vitale

Joey C. Vitale

Take action on the legal side to build a business that puts you first AND delivers exceptional value.


1. Learn

Get educated on the legal side of entrepreneurship so you can stay protected and conduct business with confidence.

2. Leap

It's not enough to just learn about the law. You need to take massive action, be proactive, and prioritize what matters legally.

3. Level Up

Thinking about the law shouldn't slow you down. Joey's powerful approach to the law will actually help you grow and build momentum.

Trademark Help

Your brand is one of your business’s biggest assets. That’s why understanding trademarks and how to protect what’s yours is critical. Joey’s law firm, Indie Law, can help.

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Online Courses

If you want your business to grow, you need to start taking action. These online courses are short, fun, and easy to implement so you can get back to #AllTheOtherThings.

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If you’re building a business, you’re creating a neighborhood — of customers, fans, mentors, vendors, referral partners, and collaborators. Come join Joey’s neighborhood! It’s a private online community of over 7,000 passionate entrepreneurs.

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Looking for a business law expert to speak at your next event? Without putting people to sleep? Joey breaks down the law in a way that’s not just clear but motivating.

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The Trademark Toolkit

What does it take to REALLY own your brand? Join my NEWEST course, and I'll show you how you can apply for your own trademark registration.


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