Looking for an engaging speaker for your next event? Someone who can educate on the legal side in a way that's inspiring and not boring? You've come to the right place.


a lawyer with a soul

After years working in the courtroom, Joey decided to embrace his creative side and his peacemaking skills to practice law on his own terms. He got tired of watching creative people with great ideas get taken advantage of by others. Joey has seen too many business owners fail by not being proactive about protecting their businesses — amazing creatives who lost their brands and businesses because certain protections weren’t put in place.

Today, he empowers talented entrepreneurs and maximizes their success. He works with professionals and protects their peace of mind through entity formation, trademark registrations, contract drafting, and other fundamental legal needs for small businesses.

a community leader

In addition to running Indie Law, Joey manages a thriving Facebook group of online business owners. In that group, he talks legal tips and business lessons he’s learned along the way. This group has been praised for being positive and helpful space where he delivers valuable information and facilitates powerful discussions.

Joey also hosts a weekly live show on Facebook, Trademark Talk.

100 word bio

Joey Vitale is an attorney for thriving small businesses. With his law firm, Indie Law, Joey works with creative small business owners to protect their passions and give them the legal foundation they need to thrive. Outside of his firm, Joey provides courses, presentations, and workshops that focuses on the legal issues that matter most to creatives: trademarks, business formation, copyrights, and contracts. While based in Chicago, Indie Law serves business owners all over the country.


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Joey is blessed to work with some of the most successful and kind entrepreneurs in the country. Joey has advised thousands of business owners in the past two years alone. He also manages a community of over 7,000 entrepreneurs. I graduated from St. Louis University Law School in the top 20% of my class. I’m licensed to practice in Illinois and Missouri, which means I’ve had enough bar prep studying for a lifetime.

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