How to Have Creative Freedom and Owning your Voice with Jonathan Mann

Episode 53: How to Have Creative Freedom and Owning your Voice with Jonathan Mann


Writing a song everyday for TWELVE YEARS, that's Jonathan Mann!

Jonathan is equal parts creative, funny and brilliant!

Meet our Guest Expert - Jonathan Mann

This week on Owning It, we have Jonathan Mann. We talk about how he is a Guinness World Record holder for most consecutive days writing a song.

His favorite work like The Baby Yoda song, and more. Plus we also talk about his "as it happens" routine when writing a song.

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Show Notes

00:52 - This week on Owning It!
02:23 - The man behind Owning It's theme song, Jonathan Mann
03:06 - A song a day project
06:14 - What happens to your songs after you write it
08:54 - The Baby Yoda song, iPhone Antenna, and many more!
15:50 - Your motivation for writing a song a day for 12 and a half years
16:47 - "This song is great, they should play it on the radio."
18:48 - "As it Happens" when writing a song
21:07 - You just got to "poop something out"
22:45 - Super expensive equipment can be intimidating
27:59 - Talking and giving advise to mini Jonathan
29:11 - Link to Facebook Video
29:31 - FREE Trademark Masterclass

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