How to Improve Your Agency Model for More Profit and Leverage

Episode 54: How to Improve Your Agency Model for More Profit and Leverage with Greg Hickman


Greg is the founder and owner of AltAgency, a business that helps freelancers, service providers, and agency owners build massively profitable businesses.

His biz has helped over 350 owners transition from selling time-for-money to getting paid for their thinking and expertise!

Meet our Guest Expert - Greg Hickman

This week on Owning It, we have Greg Hickman! We sit down and talk about how to package your expertise, delivering with leverage and refining your system and automation so that they can work for you.

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Show Notes

00:55 - This week on Owning It!
01:53 - Systematizing your business with Greg
06:49 - Creating systems for Marketing
14:04 - Having an agency model of business
16:03 - Creating reusable systems
22:25 - The engine builder vs. the pit crew
27:46 - Focusing on your zone of genius
31:42 - Simplicity scales, complexity does not
37:55 - Your business is like a recipe
41:09 - Link to Facebook Video
42:37 - FREE Trademark Masterclass

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