Episode 60: How to Create a Phenomenal Personal Brand with Shafonne Myers

business growth entrepreneur influencer personal brand podcast Sep 21, 2021


My bud, Shafonne Myers, joins The Business Growth Advantage show!

We talk about the difference or similarities of being an influencer and your personal branding.

How you can be an influencer and still be the CEO of you, and so much more.

With so much expertise, I cannot wait to have Shafonne on the show!

Meet our Guest Expert - Shafonne Myers

Shafonne is one of the most driven, passionate and successful people I know and her list of accomplishments is #GOALS!!

She is obsessed with educating female entrepreneurs about Influencer Marketing and building a personal brand as a sales mechanism so they can create iconic personal brands and a digital presence with more income and influence.

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Show Notes
00:47 - This week on The Business Growth Advantage
02:41 - Shafonne Myers, The Influencer Builder
09:08 - Becoming an influencer
15:56 - What is story selling and content buckets
21:37 - More content vs more quality
24:18 - Connection and community and engage
28:53 - Be the person behind the brand
34:05 - Showing up as an influencer

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