Episode 61: How to Lead with Your Heart in Sales and Business with Adam Kiddoo

business business growth marketing podcast registered trademark sales Sep 28, 2021


My bud, Adam Kiddoo, joins The Business Growth Advantage show!
Adam is a wildly passionate entrepreneur who loves helping others to get out of their own way & LEAD with their hearts.
If you want to get better at sales or even just learn to overcome fears and roadblocks in your biz, you’ll LOVE listening in to our convo! Don’t miss it! 

Meet our Guest Expert - Adam Kiddoo

In just over one year’s time, Adam personally closed more than $1,000,000 worth of new business for himself & his mentors James Wedmore, Jim Fortin & Brandon Lucero by holding sales calls where he was able to close an average 80% of the time.

Adam used to stutter, stammer and sweat when it came to sales conversations (not kidding) but now? He absolutely CRAVES these moments where he gets to hold space for other entrepreneurs and help them see their potential in making empowered decisions for themselves.

And I love that so much because Adam understands that’s what REAL “selling” is all about: leading & guiding people with love.

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Show Notes
00:47 - This week on The Business Growth Advantage
01:59 - Adam and his passion with heart centered selling
04:28 - The transformation is in the transaction
09:29 - What is heart centered selling
12:11 - The fear of rejection
15:06 - Injecting selling in your marketing
18:28 - Build an experience for your leads
20:58 - Crossing the "spamming" line
24:04 - The breakthrough call
26:16 - How long should a sales call be

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