Episode 64: Maximizing Value Through Effective Communication with Bob Burg

business business growth communication entrepreneur podcast Nov 02, 2021


My bud, Bob Burg, joins The Business Growth Advantage show, this week!

Bob is an absolute POWERHOUSE when it comes to communication and through his work AND his best-selling book, The Go-Giver, Bob has shown over a million entrepreneurs how to communicate their value and accelerate their referral businesses.

Meet our Guest Expert - Bob Burg

Bob got his start in sales and before his success on The Go-Giver, he was known by many for his sales classic, Endless Referrals. What he learned about interpersonal communication within sales inspired him to go learn more on being both exceptionally effective and exceptionally successful in business. Needless to say, Bob is a goldmine for biz wisdom and I couldn’t be more stoked to have him on the show!

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Show Notes
00:47 - This week on the Business Growth Advantage
01:36 - Get to know Bob!
03:34 - The Go Giver
07:04 - Money is an echo of the value you provide
09:59 - The law of reciprocity and law of receptivity
14:53 - Concern yourself with what you can control
16:48 - What being a Go-Giver means
20:45 - Value is in the eyes of the beholder
24:50 - How gossip affects you
26:59 - Difference between feedback and gossip
31:35 - FREE trademark masterclass
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