Owning It | Episode 1: Welcome to Owning It

Episode 1: Welcome to Owning It

Episode Recap:

Today is the day I am launching this podcast and I am SO excited to share with you!

I run a pretty unique type of law firm and I work with online business owners, course creators, thought leaders, speakers. People who want to make a massive impact who really want this deep sense of freedom in their life, but also those who are also pretty creative and pretty visionary.

So, this Owning It podcast is pretty similar to the types of businesses that I work with.

It's going to be thoughtful, but not too serious.
We're going to be talking about important concepts while keeping it pretty lightening groovy.
And we're going to explore the ways in which going against the grain can be super powerful in your business.

So if you're already like, oh yeah, this is my jam. I want you to go ahead and hit the subscribe button on your favorite podcast platform.

Show Notes:

01:35 - Sharing Joey's backstory of entrepreneurship and the legal field
03:16 - What the plan for Owning It is + why calling it "legal-ish" makes sense
05:12 - What the Stupid Deep episodes will look like
06:47 - How to win an iPad with our scavenger hunt



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