Owning It | Ep. 12: The Ultimate Guide to Handling Copycats

Episode 12: The Ultimate Guide to Handling Copycats


I can't think of anything more frustrating than realizing that you've got yourself a copycat. I get messages every single week with somebody who has had their stuff copied. And this is one of the most common concerns I get as a business lawyer. So today I'm just going to give it to you straight. What I am about to give you isn't a legal advice. It's business advice. 

Whether you're in the middle of dealing with the copycat right now, or you just want to be prepared for if, and when that happens to you, you're going to fricking love this episode.

Stick until the end. This one is an absolute gem. Let's dive in.

Show Notes

03:18 - To effectively deal with copycats, look at this as a business concern
05:27 - My story, beliefs and ways on dealing with copycats over the years
06:46 - I wanted to design this law firm that helps protect the value of creativity
07:25 - It shifted to giving creators the justice they deserve under the law
09:27 - I care more about you as a business owner
09:55 - Having a copycat means people are looking at what you are doing
10:27 - Effective management of copycats would have less impact on your business
10:58 - 3 things to do to protect yourself from copycats
11:04 - #1: File copyright, trademark registrations and contracts
12:23 - #2: Prepare hard conversations
13:50 - #3: Get objective about your damages, focus on building your business
14:58 - This isn't about being right, it's about being effective
15:57 - Treat them like any other bully, ignore them


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