Owning It | Ep. 13: WHEN is the right time to trademark?

Episode 13: WHEN is the right time to trademark?


For this episode, I've got some thoughts and some recommendations for you to help you figure out when is the right time for you as a business owner to get trademarked. Let's dive in. 

Show Notes

02:54 - The Owning It Episode 8 is a golden nugget episode
03:21 - 2 levels of trademarks: the automatic and the registered
04:10 - 3 different answers to the question "When is the right time"
04:22 - #1: When the thought of rebranding is uncomfortable to you
05:38 - #2: Which of your brand elements are already trademarked? 
06:18 - Make sure that your business name is protected.
07:56 - File for one, most important, trademark element first. 
08:34 - 2 big things to do: Search for availability and file for trademark registration
09:02 - Why most trademarks get denied
09:23 - #3: As soon as possible after you run that comprehensive research
11:16 - Common mistake that business owners make
11:56 - Securing your trademark is part of the branding and naming process.
12:33 - My goal is to give you a business lawyer in your back pocket 


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