Owning It | Ep. 14: Why trust is at the heart of your legal problems

Episode 14: Why trust is at the heart of your legal problems


This episode is one of the legal-ish ones. When you really look at problems that people are having on the legal side, usually there's some element of a lack of trust that it's the heart of that legal problem. So today we're going to be putting that squarely legal stuff to the side for a moment, and we're going to be diving head-on into what trust means. Why you don't have a more of it in your business? And how to get more trust back into your business.

Show Notes

04:19 - I had an experience that really tested my faith and trust.
10:32 - All legal issues boil down to trust issues
11:10 - The problem is trying to build solutions because of the lack of trust
11:56 - Getting successful with a mindset of not trusting others isn't worth it
12:49 - To strengthen my business, I had to trust my team and the process
13:09 - Trusting Others 
13:21 - You have to lead with trust when it comes to building your own team
16:02 - Believe in something worth believing in. 
19:03 - Trusting yourself means that you are capable of solving whatever problems come your way. 
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