Owning It | Ep. 15: The Secret to Naming Your Next Course

Episode 15: The Secret to Naming Your Next Course, Podcast, or Business to Avoid Trademark Traps


Today you're going to discover the secrets to naming your next course, podcast, or even your next business name to avoid trademark traps.

Whenever it comes to naming anything in your business, we have to talk about trademarks.

Now this secret to naming and to trademarks has three parts to it. So I'm going to be going through each one of these parts at a time. It's called my signature RAD method (R-A-D).

Show Notes

00:59 - I'm Joey - Brand Legitimizer aka. doing Trademarks
01:37 - My signature R-A-D method.
01:48 - Are you a duct tape entrepreneur
03:07 - What power brand looks like
03:59 - The RAD method - Ready. Aim. Done.
04:13 - The Ready Phase
06:01 - Two different levels of trademark rights
07:16 - Protecting the trademark rights that you have at a federal level
11:01 - The Aim Phase
15:07 - The final step in our RAD method - Done


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