Owning It | Episode 2: Your Simple Legal Checklist

Episode 2: Your Simple Legal Checklist


I want to think about all of the different pieces to this business puzzle that you're trying to work on, I know, it can be a lot.

I found that everything that you're doing to build and grow your business fits into these four different boxes: brand, separation, relationships, and content.

I'm telling you this because it's helped so many of my clients and my students. Instead of thinking about the legal side as this "other part" of your business that you have to work on, think about it from the perspective of a layer that sits on top of these four boxes, so each one of these four boxes to your business has a legal counterpart.

The main point of this episode is to share my checklist to help you cover the legal side of your business, you ready for them?

It is just 3 simple steps:
1. Get a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) to protect yourself
2. Get a contract in place to protect your relationships
3. Apply for your first trademark to protect your brand

Show Notes:

01:35 - Four Boxes Visual Image (Below)
01:50 - Protect Your Brand Training
03:41 - How a business breaks down into 4 different boxes
07:50 - What these four boxes have to do with the legal-side of your business
08:37 - Your brand is covered by trademarks
09:07 - Why separation is covered by an LLC or a corporation
10:43 - How relationships are covered by contracts
11:44 - How content is covered with copyrights
12:36 - What the simple checklist steps are for getting your legal ducks in a row
14:15 - Shoot me a DM on Instagram


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