Episode 21: Speaking to Scale with Jessica Rasdall

Episode 21: Speaking to Scale with Jessica Rasdall


It's not just about being visible. It's about being visible effectively. Which means speaking effectively to scale your business. I can't think of a better person to speak on this subject than my dear friend, Jessica Rasdall.

Meet our Guest Expert - Jessica Rasdall

This week on Owning It, I'm excited to be able to share and listen to her stories, her knowledge and expert advise on how you can - as an entrepreneur embrace your unique story that will allow you to inspire and leave your audience better than you found them. I call her J-Raz, Jessica Rasdall.

Also in this episode, we talk about knowing your audience, what stories will have a positive impact, is your content doing more harm than good, that and much more!

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Show Notes
00:56 - Be visible in rooms that matter, speaking effectively to scale
04:42 - How different is it being a speaker, an educator
07:19 - As a speaking coach, how can I leave them better than I found them
09:30 - Constantly checking the ego at the door
11:53 - Spend more time listening and understanding, before trying to fix things
14:47 - Being able to make adjustments to deliver impact to your audience
16:07 - How COVID affected what it means to be a speaking coach
20:37 - With the use of technology, you can still deliver great presentation
26:36 - Engage your audience by asking meaningful questions
28:51 - You're a subject matter expect, not an expert on everything
33:09 - Creating healthy relationships with your audience, other speakers, hosts
40:03 - Building long lasting relationships and going above and beyond


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