Copy that Converts with Kate Dramis

Episode 22: Copy that Converts with Kate Dramis


We are continuing our streak of these amazing interview episodes. I call them my secret weapon interviews. I know that you know, that one of the most important things, when it comes to building a business is your content. It's your messaging. It's your copy, right? So how do you create copy that converts?

Meet our Guest Expert - Kate Dramis

This week on Owning it, I share how about a year ago, Kate Dramis came into my orbit, and how this full of energy, super informal but professional conversion copywriter become one of my best friends in this online business world.

She walks us through some of the reasons why your copy isn't converting, how roping in someone to write for you without nailing your messaging first can be produce sub-par results, and how we throw spaghetti at walls.

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Show Notes
01:22 - Amplifying your business and results through content your copy
04:30 - Copy versus messaging
07:14 - Great copy starts with great messaging
11:56 - What its like being a conversion copywriter
16:37 - Creating a theme for an entire month
19:45 - Why "why" isn't the most effective way in trying to get a response
22:32 - Lessons learned by helping business owners
27:21 - Finding a sweet spot for everybody
33:13 - Different programs for different people
36:59 - Being clear on your messaging first
42:20 - Getting creative, experiment and launch different offers
44:32 - Being professional and informal
49:30 - Where to find Kate Dramis


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