The Power of Trademarks with Elizabeth Henson

Episode 24: The Power of Trademarks with Elizabeth Henson


You'll discover Elisabeth's own journey of how she got to understand trademarks better, understand more why they're important.  Hopefully some of that sounds familiar or resonates with you and then we end the podcast talking about more advanced questions and issues that she has in the trademark world. 

Meet our Guest Expert - Elizabeth Henson

You know, I love a trademarks. I think they're super important. But I don't think that it's enough for you to just hear from me how important I think trademarks are. So I wanted to spotlight my good friend, fellow business owner, fellow business coach, and student of my power brand program, Elizabeth Henson. 

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Show Notes
01:22 - Intro and teaser
05:01 - Elizabeth's aha! moment
10:04 - The Messy Success
13:05 - Show up and take messy action
15:53 - Lead with your intuition
18:01 - What to trademark next
22:08 - Trademarks make you more legit
24:32 - What do you do with your trademark certificate


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