Episode 26: How to Bounce Back from Burnout with Jennifer Bassman

Episode 26: How to Bounce Back from Burnout with Jennifer Bassman


To give you a little bit of context for the very beginning of this episode, we start out by talking about these two concepts that are pretty important in this world of strengths finder or Clifton strengths, which is a personality test. And it's this idea of basements versus balconies... you know what Jennifer says this better than I do...

Meet our Guest Expert - Jennifer Bassman

This week we sat down and chat with certified Clifton strengths coach and author of the book Stop Being a Doormat, Jennifer Bassman. We talk more about this concept of basement and balconies, share our top 5, 10 strengths, how you identify and overcome being burned out, and so much more!

Jennifer help burned out small business owners and entrepreneurs build businesses that call to their strengths, reach their goals, and fulfill their wildest entrepreneurial dreams.

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Show Notes
00:53 - Guest intro and episode teaser
04:32 - Basement vs balconies
06:58 - Top 5 strengths of Jennifer and Joey
11:01 - The most common strength in the United States
12:23 - What it's like to be an achiever
16:45 - A common denominator across
18:03 - Is there a middle space
20:18 - My favorite 2020 book
23:26 - Why we focus on weaknesses
27:25 - From basement to balcony
30:15 - Why people burn out
35:13 - When you don't know you're burned out

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