Episode 37: The Secret Weapon to Amplify Your Messaging and Impact with Tracy Goodwin

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What if I told you that there was a tool out there that could transform your business for the better. That there was one magical tool that would completely revolutionize the way that you do business. We're talking something that could 10 X your business overnight.

Meet our Guest Expert - Tracy Goodwin

This week on Owning It, I'd like all of you to meet my guest Tracy Goodwin of Captivate the Room. We talk about how we first met, how Tracy is so much more than a voice coach, and many more stories I'm sure you'll love. We're also doing a poll of what we should call Tracy, send in your entries.

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Show Notes

00:55 - This week in Owning It
03:37 - "I came here to get rid of ums"
05:27 - The audio version of a 6-pack
07:58 - People don't remember what you said...
10:51 - The voice is the orchestra of the heart
15:13 - What "tentacles out" mean
19:31 - Let's find the best version of you
22:33 - What are we going to call you, Tracy
25:38 - Why you help entrepreneurs more so than other groups
31:02 - Where do I start in terms of improving my voice
35:56 - Give your audience the chance to love you
40:12 - Think about your listeners and what they want to hear
43:16 - How you say things matter
48:15 - Getting stuck in a loop of insecurity
50:36 - Being authentically YOU
57:18 - Getting in touch with Tracy

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