Episode 4: The Biggest Legal Mistake You Can Make in Your Business (It’s Not What You Think!)

entrepreneur entrepreneurship owning it owning it podcast podcast Aug 18, 2020


Today, I want to talk about the biggest mistake that you are making in your business... and I know that it's the biggest mistake that you're making because I see it all of the time.

All the time in business owners. I see it whenever a client signs up for my law firm services,  we see what their concerns are, what they're worried about on the legal side, and this mistake or rises to the surface. I see it in the business colleagues that I have when we have heart-to-hearts. I know this is a mistake. Heck, firsthand, I've done it as well.

Here it is: "Staying Small to Stay Safe"

I learned the hard way that if your intention is for your business to stay the same size or to shrink you're probably setting it up for failure.

Show Notes: 

02:20 - How to Protect Your Brand and Gain Authority
03:31 - Why it is a hurdle to talk to an attorney + why it is easy to feel like you've fallen behind on the legal-side
05:16 - What the backstory is for Joey's business
10:27 - Why keeping your business "small and safe on purpose" isn't always best
11:38 - What many entrepreneurs in this mindset are afraid of
13:08 - Why hiring a lawyer is one of the worst decisions that you can do for your business
14:35 - What mindset you should have to move forward
16:39 - If you want real freedom, create a legal growth plan, not worst-case scenarios 
18:14 - Check out the best legal presentation