Episode 41: What is the REAL cost of a rebrand?

Episode 41: What is the REAL cost of a rebrand?


I've spent the better part of my career helping entrepreneurs and biz owners LEGALLY protect their brands.

It's my passion and the whole reason I went out on my own to start Indie Law, my trademark law firm.
And It started because I kept seeing the same scenario play out over and over - a biz owner who had invested their own money, countless hours of work, and plans for the future into their business... lost it all OVERNIGHT due to a forced rebrand.

Rebrands can happen for a couple of reasons and their impact on your biz can be devastating.

Show Notes

00:54 - This week on Owning It
01:26 - A trip ruined by a letter
03:37 - Are you going to rebrand or fight
04:16 - The first thing you can do
05:33 - Get in touch with a naming wizard
06:23 - Intent to use application

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