Getting Consistent Clients with Ellen Yin

Episode 44: Getting Consistent Clients with Ellen Yin


Joey's bud Ellen Yin joins us live for our The Business Growth Advantage show!
Imagine Marie Kondo (you know, the “joy/no joy” house organizing genius) as a marketer… that’s who Ellen is: a marketing minimalist who helps you cut through the overwhelm of shiny objects and ditch all the confusing, conflicting marketing strategies you’ve been told.

Meet our Guest Expert - Ellen Yin

This week on Owning It, we have Ellen Yin and we talk about hitting your first 10K, being a minimalist marketer, our upcoming webinar and me getting LASIK.

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Show Notes

01:03 - This week in Owning It
02:01 - Know more about Ellen
05:17 - Context is key
06:48 - What is your favorite part of building a business
10:08 - Problem aware but not solution aware
13:30 - A Marketing Minimalist
18:03 - Client success stories
19:31 - Masterclass giveaway
23:26 - Your advice to a mini Ellen
26:40 - You can't shortcut your way to success
29:11 - Hitting your first 10K 
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