Episode 5: The Secrets to Naming Your Business Like a Pro (And Dangerous Pitfalls to Avoid)

entrepreneur entrepreneurship legal tips owning it owning it podcast Aug 18, 2020


If you are ready to hear me geek out over my jam, get ready! In this episode, I am talking about naming because you really can't talk about trademarks without talking about naming.

So, I'm going to be dropping the biggest naming knowledge bombs that I can in this episode to help you guys go through this naming process in your business with confidence and making sure that you're picking a strong name that isn't accidentally falling into one of these pitfalls that I'm going to be talking about. 

Show Notes:

01:39 - Protecting your brand + gain authority training
02:44 - When you decide to name something in your business, there are little traps
04:09 - Sharing about trap #1, running a proper search and waiting
05:31 - Trademark training from Joey
05:53 - Sharing about trap #2, the spectrum of a weak/strong trademark
09:38 - Why descriptive names are traps
12:41 - How to build a distinctive brand
13:18 - What a suggestive trademark is and how to use them
15:16 - What is the transformation that people get from working with you or your course
15:49 - Recap of the two traps of naming your business
17:25 - Register for my FREE trademark masterclass

Register for my FREE trademark masterclass