Owning It | Episode 5: The Secrets to Naming Your Business Like a Pro

Episode 5: The Secrets to Naming Your Business Like a Pro (And Dangerous Pitfalls to Avoid)


If you are ready to hear me geek out over my jam, get ready! In this episode, I am talking about naming because you really can't talk about trademarks without talking about naming.

So, I'm going to be dropping the biggest naming knowledge bombs that I can in this episode to help you guys go through this naming process in your business with confidence and making sure that you're picking a strong name that isn't accidentally falling into one of these pitfalls that I'm going to be talking about. 

Show Notes:

01:39 - Protecting your brand + gain authority training
02:44 - When you decide to name something in your business, there are little traps
04:09 - Sharing about trap #1, running a proper search and waiting
05:31 - Trademark training from Joey
05:53 - Sharing about trap #2, the spectrum of a weak/strong trademark
09:38 - Why descriptive names are traps
12:41 - How to build a distinctive brand
13:18 - What a suggestive trademark is and how to use them
15:16 - What is the transformation that people get from working with you or your course
15:49 - Recap of the two traps of naming your business
17:25 - Register for my FREE trademark masterclass


Register for my FREE trademark masterclass


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