Episode 7: Your Contracts are WORTHLESS Without This

entrepreneur entrepreneurship legal tips owning it owning it podcast Sep 09, 2020


I'd love to let you in on one of my little secrets and this secret has to do with contracts. Now, if you're like most business owners that I meet, contracts are one of the first things that you think about when it comes to the law. And I get it. When I went to law school, one of my first classes, my first semester was contracts 101. So I understand that when we think about the law as business owners, we tend to think of contracts.

So I'm going to be walking you through, what is this secret ingredient for your business when it comes to your contracts, why it's so fricking important, and how you can get it in place for free by listening to this podcast. 

Show Notes

02:36 - Exciting Announcement # 1 - You guys are AWESOME
03:58 - Announcement # 2 - Our new awesome, amazing search tool
05:03 - Email me at [email protected]
05:18 - Announcement # 3 - iPad winner!
07:16 - There is something about contracts that is super important
07:55 - Disconnection between business owners and lawyers
08:50 - A contract cannot enforce itself
09:26 - You have to have a plan for how to be a good cop and bad cop around your contract
10:21 - A well-written contract is not enough without a plan of enforcing it
10:42 - I like playing good cop and bad cop
11:04 - You and your clients' responsibilities should be clear in the contract
11:15 - A contract is a red carpet experience document
11:22 - Having a lawyer look at your contract is not the finish line
11:49 - Make sure that your contract is worded in a good cop
12:36 - How to be a bad cop
13:48 - The "Hard Conversations Vault" you need for your contracts
14:23 - Integrity is all about following your word