Episode 9: Most Trademarks Get Denied. Here's The Biggest Reason Why.

business business owner entrepreneur entreprepneurship trademark trademark registration Sep 22, 2020


I can tell you that the biggest reason why trademark applications fail is because the business owner didn't properly search for availability. In other words, there were other registered trademarks that already existed that were too similar to the one that was being applied for. There wasn't a really strong search that took place before the application was submitted.

So today, we're going to talk about why that search is so important. And I'll give you guys some actionable steps on how to search for our availability when it comes to trademarks without hiring me or any other attorney. You can do everything, inside this podcast episode, on your own. 

Show Notes

03:33 - New episodes will be dropped every Wednesday!
06:10 - Is it okay if we skip this search?
07:10 - Why is it important to search for available Trademarks
07:38 - Trademarks exist to protect the consumer, not the business owner
09:46 - Trademarks exist to avoid customer confusion
10:48 - The reason why Trademark offices refuse over 50% of applications
11:50 - First tip: Search Google
12:51 - Second tip: Check out the Federal Trademark Database
14:41 - Focus on the words in your brand that are not descriptive or generic
15:55 - Third tip: Apply
17:23 - File your Trademark registration before someone else does
19:58 - Trademarks should be a part of the naming process
20:33 - Check out our Masterclass