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Not ready to register your trademarks? Start here

I talk with so many entrepreneurs and small business owners who aren't ready to file for trademark applications yet.

If you're reading this, you're probably in the same boat.

Maybe it's a budget issue, or you don't think your business needs it yet, or there's something else that's holding you back.

Guess what — that's totally okay!

(I mean, there are risks if you don't register your trademarks. But if you're not ready to take those steps yet, it's okay.)

An easy, crucial step to...

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Why your business needs to take trademarks seriously

As a trademark attorney, I get asked this question a lot:

"But Joey ... why? Why does my business need to worry about trademark protections?"

It's a good question. Let's talk about it.

But first, what is a trademark?

Trademarks are everywhere. From the moment you wake up from you Tempur—Pedic® bed, put on those slippers from Target®, and check Facebook® on your iPhone® as you walk to your Keurig® machine to sip on some Starbucks® coffee ... you're...

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