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Episode 56: How to Grow Your Business Using Paid Marketing and a Solid Strategy with Zach Spuckler


This week on The Business Growth Advantage, we have Zach Spuckler! We talk about Facebook Ads metrics, consistency and quantity of your post, and who you are when interacting with your audience.

Meet our Guest Expert - Zach Spuckler

At 22, Zach was able to build a 6-Figure Business that allowed him to leave his master’s program, quit his job, and become a full-time entrepreneur…IN UNDER A YEAR!!
Now, he coaches clients who enjoy 5 & 6-Figure launches/months...
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Episode 55: How to Overcome Business Pain Points to Grow and Scale with Amy L. Riley


This week on Owning It, we have Amy L. Riley! We talk about her passion in working with different leader and the four pillars of her latest book, The Courage of a Leader®.

Meet our Guest Expert - Amy L. Riley

Amy is an internationally renowned speaker, author, and leadership development consultant.

She’s also got her Masters of Science in Training and Development, multiple coaching and behavioral certifications, and just published her SECOND book (The Courage of a Leader)!!


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Episode 53: How to Have Creative Freedom and Owning your Voice with Jonathan Mann


Writing a song everyday for TWELVE YEARS, that's Jonathan Mann!

Jonathan is equal parts creative, funny and brilliant!

Meet our Guest Expert - Jonathan Mann

This week on Owning It, we have Jonathan Mann. We talk about how he is a Guinness World Record holder for most consecutive days writing a song.

His favorite work like The Baby Yoda song, and more. Plus we also talk about his "as it happens" routine when writing a song.

Follow him on social:

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Episode 47: Get Organized and Maximize Productivity with Courtney Lazar


Courtney Lazar, joins us live for our The Owning It Podcast!

We’ll discuss how to:
💥 Maximize productivity
💥 Effectively organize your biz
💥 Build and train a team that helps support and maintain your biz goals
Courtney changed the way I looked at work tasks and empowered me to become EFFECTIVE in my work, not just BUSY at it.

Meet our Guest Expert - Courtney Lazar

This week on Owning It, we have Courtney Lazar (a couple of weeks ago it...

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Episode 46: Become the Leader your Community needs with Elizabeth Henson


Elizabeth Henson, joins us live for our The Business Growth Advantage show!

Have you ever felt like building a strong community around your brand and the mission seemed impossible? Or even just really, REALLY hard?

You’re not alone, dude.

So many of us want MORE than just followers.

Seeing that number grow can definitely feel good, because you know that your message is getting out there, BUT… is it really affecting those followers in the way you hope? Do they understand...

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Episode 45: Jam Session | Team Building Tips


Come hang out with my teammates Caitlyn and Jaime as we discuss everything team building, strategy, and business!

Show Notes

00:55 - This week on Owning It
01:49 - Meet the (part of) team!
04:19 - Consistency with our Core Values
08:03 - Try to have transparency by going on vacation
11:10 - Planning around team members taking time off
13:11 - Do your due diligence and have conversations
15:44 - Actually start building a team, hiring a VA
20:05 - The importance of...
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Episode 44: Getting Consistent Clients with Ellen Yin


Joey's bud Ellen Yin joins us live for our The Business Growth Advantage show!
Imagine Marie Kondo (you know, the “joy/no joy” house organizing genius) as a marketer… that’s who Ellen is: a marketing minimalist who helps you cut through the overwhelm of shiny objects and ditch all the confusing, conflicting marketing strategies you’ve been told.

Meet our Guest Expert - Ellen Yin

This week on Owning It, we have Ellen Yin and we talk...

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Episode 43: MOST Trademarks FAIL...Here's why!


"But wait ... can't I just file a thing and get a trademark?"

"This trademark application looks super simple. What could go wrong here?"


Listen - I get it. I'm all for keeping things simple in business. And it can be SO EASY to overcomplicate things. (Don't you just hate it when lawyers always respond to your questions with, "It depends"?)

But the truth is that most trademark applications run into some kind of roadblock along the way. And if you decided you want to...

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Episode 41: What is the REAL cost of a rebrand?


I've spent the better part of my career helping entrepreneurs and biz owners LEGALLY protect their brands.

It's my passion and the whole reason I went out on my own to start Indie Law, my trademark law firm.
And It started because I kept seeing the same scenario play out over and over - a biz owner who had invested their own money, countless hours of work, and plans for the future into their business... lost it all OVERNIGHT due to a forced rebrand.

Rebrands can happen for...
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Episode 40: Can a hashtag be a trademark?


With so many businesses shifting to social media exposure to grow their businesses, I've started to get this question a lot - "I've been using this hashtag for my biz and people seem to love it and associate it with my brand. So... can I trademark it?"

Well, I'm happy to report that I have the answer!

And it may seriously surprise you.

Show Notes

00:57 - Is it possible
03:24 - If I can, do I need to do it
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