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Episode 57: How to Automate your Dream Virtual Law Firm with Sam Mollaei


Joey’s bud, Sam Mollaei, joins The Business Growth Advantage show! We talk about building and delegating to your virtual team, investing in you, and surrounding yourself with great mentors, and so much more.

Meet our Guest Expert - Sam Mollaei

Sam teaches other lawyers to automate their own dream virtual law firm so they can work from home on their own flexible schedule.

But don’t worry, bud, you DON’T need to be a lawyer to benefit from Sam’s biz expertise!

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Episode 30: Why Would I Want a Trademark Attorney's Help?


Today I'm going to give you the top three reasons why you want a trademark attorney in your back pocket.

Although business owners aren't craving to work with an attorney the way you might be  excited to work with a marketer or sales strategist or business coach, there are really important and actually kind of sexy reasons to work with a trademark attorney.

Show Notes

01:20 - Reason #1
02:27 - Reason #2
04:36 - Reason #3
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Episode 9: Most Trademarks Get Denied. Here's The Biggest Reason Why.


I can tell you that the biggest reason why trademark applications fail is because the business owner didn't properly search for availability. In other words, there were other registered trademarks that already existed that were too similar to the one that was being applied for. There wasn't a really strong search that took place before the application was submitted.

So today, we're going to talk about why that search is so important. And I'll give you guys some actionable steps...

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