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Episode 58: Best Of: What Matters Most to Grow Your Firm with Melissa Shanahan


This week, I join Melissa Shanahan on the first episode of Velocity Work live! We talk about how I'm working less than 5 client hours a month, how I love Zelda, discover how my business works and the lessons I've learned along the way.

Show Notes

01:51 - Joey and Melissa in Velocity Work's first episode
05:15 - Getting to know more about Joey
11:56 - When things doesn't go according to plan
14:32 - Think like Link (from The Legend of Zelda series)
18:18 - Facts not feelings
28:22 - Set...

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Episode 55: How to Overcome Business Pain Points to Grow and Scale with Amy L. Riley


This week on Owning It, we have Amy L. Riley! We talk about her passion in working with different leader and the four pillars of her latest book, The Courage of a Leader®.

Meet our Guest Expert - Amy L. Riley

Amy is an internationally renowned speaker, author, and leadership development consultant.

She’s also got her Masters of Science in Training and Development, multiple coaching and behavioral certifications, and just published her SECOND book (The Courage of a Leader)!!


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