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Episode 17: How Long Does It Take to Get Trademarked?


Today, I'm going to be giving it the quickest, shortest version of an answer that I get to a pretty loaded question, which is - Joey, how long does it take to get trademarked? 

Show Notes

01:22 - How long is this gonna take
03:24 - Trademark timeframes
04:08 - Trademark office's timeline
07:07 - It takes 3 months to be assigned to an examining attorney
07:55 - What's an opposition
10:09 - What...
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Episode 16: Don't Fall for this Trademark Scam


I know the legal side of stuff is scary and overwhelming enough. And then on top of it, we've got this layer of serious scam that you have to pay attention to. Now you might be wondering, Joey, what the heck are you talking about? Well, let me set the scene here really quickly.

Show Notes

01:25 - Why this trademark scam is a problem
02:52 - How does this scam work
05:48 - Don't fall victim to this scam

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Episode 14: Why trust is at the heart of your legal problems


This episode is one of the legal-ish ones. When you really look at problems that people are having on the legal side, usually there's some element of a lack of trust that it's the heart of that legal problem. So today we're going to be putting that squarely legal stuff to the side for a moment, and we're going to be diving head-on into what trust means. Why you don't have a more of it in your business? And how to get more trust back into your business.

Show Notes

02:47 - ...
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Episode 2: Your Simple Legal Checklist


I want to think about all of the different pieces to this business puzzle that you're trying to work on, I know, it can be a lot.

I found that everything that you're doing to build and grow your business fits into these four different boxes: brand, separation, relationships, and content.

I'm telling you this because it's helped so many of my clients and my students. Instead of thinking about the legal side as this "other part" of your business that you have to work on, think about it...

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The top 3 legal things you need to bump to the top of your list

Entrepreneurs tend to have a lot on their to-do lists. 

Whether you’re just starting or taking things to the next level, it's critical to get clear on what you actually NEED to get done. Otherwise, you’ll feel like a hamster on a wheel — staying busy but feeling overwhelmed and unproductive.

That’s where this post comes in.

Here are the main three things you need to do on the legal side. And if you’ve already gotten these three things down,...

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