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Episode 29: Do you really NEED a trademark?


I get people all the time saying, Joey, I am following you on social, I like what you're doing. I would love to work with you, but just be real with me. Do I really need a trademark? It's a good question.

Show Notes

01:20 - What does it mean to have a trademark?
02:50 - Protect your brand
04:43 - Don't accidentally infringe somebody else

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Episode 28: What Are the Benefits of Getting Trademarked?


Let's break down the main reasons why you should consider strongly to prioritize trademarks on your to-do list without getting sucked into all that legal mumbo jumbo. And there are really three main things that you want to consider three main benefits to securing your trademark reasons.

Show Notes

00:45 - What is the point of trademarks?
01:05 - Benefit #1
02:38 - Benefit #2
05:28 - Benefit #3
08:06 - Connect with us at [email protected]


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Episode 13: WHEN is the right time to trademark?


For this episode, I've got some thoughts and some recommendations for you to help you figure out when is the right time for you as a business owner to get trademarked. Let's dive in. 

Show Notes

02:54 - The Owning It Episode 8 is a golden nugget episode
03:21 - 2 levels of trademarks: the automatic and the registered
04:10 - 3 different answers to the question "When is the right time"
04:22 - #1: When the...
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Episode 11: How To Use Trademark Symbols Like A Pro (™*®*℠)


One of the first things that I tell my clients is that in order for you to be protecting yourself as a business owner and to be mindful of the protections of other business owners, you have to understand this side of trademark law, which is the use of these trademark symbols. So let's get into it.

Show Notes

02:48 - The ™ Symbol means Trademark 
03:18 - The ® Symbol means Registered Trademark
04:07 -...
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